A fast and breezy read, you will enjoy the many examples, rules and chapter summaries that are provided to make it a handy reference for anyone keen to practice management lessons in their careers and their lives.

Conquering Chaos book

Managers play a critical role in the success of companies. For companies to win, significant investments in training and growth of managers is needed. This book will help new managers develop perspective on their organization, their role and their teams. I strongly recommend managers to review this book to gain valuable insights.

Ravi Venkatesan Philanthropist, Mentor, and author of bestseller 'Conquering the Chaos - Win in India, Win Everywhere'

Having evaluated thousands of engineers for the industry, we found that just a bit of counseling takes them much further in their career.  This book should be a required reading for MBA programs. For MBA graduates, this book will act as a mentor and will provide them with useful tools. A great resource!

Aseem Marwaha Director eLitmus Evaluation
Optimus Information

We shared the author’s first book, What I Did Not Learn at IIT, with our new engineers. The book helped them easily integrate into our company. I look forward to sharing the next book, What I Did Not Learn in B School, with our team leads and managers. I am certain that the insights in…

Vipul Kulshrestha Co-founder and Head of India Operations Optimus Information

Revenue growth and more importantly, sustained business growth is difficult and requires exceptional leadership. In order to scale a business, it is critical that the leadership team grow and develop. Using his experience from building a sustained growth company, the author shares insightful and important management practices that are supported by relevant research. To dominate…

Brian Brault Founder and Chief Executive Officer PURE Room

Great leaders ask powerful questions! I cannot but help comment that the style of this book by Rajeev is like that of a great leader. Rajeev leads and draws you in through a series of questions. Most chapters are by way of questions (almost like a mentor in the form of printed words) and the…

R. Mukundan Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Tata Chemicals